“Better, Stronger, Faster”


I suppose we better start here, at the beginning. This blog is a part of a larger scheme. Consider it future evidence of a commitment I have made to myself to become a better version of me. When I say that, I don’t just mean in some figurative or nebulous way. I mean it in every way possible. I mean it about myself physically and mentally, professionally and privately. I intend to be a better friend, and better with my family. I mean it in both qualitative, and quantitative ways. If there is a way to improve me, I’m doing it. To be clear, I’m not messing around!

There is something intriguing about emerging from the virus stronger for having dealt with it. I have this vision of myself exiting the chaos unrecognizable as the person who entered it. When have I been given an opportunity to reinvent myself like this?

So, what’s the plan, you ask?

First, The Disclaimer:

Let’s start with understanding that the plan has already been implemented. It was initiated more than a month ago. This blog is merely an extension of it. Please, also understand, I know that what I’m undertaking is a luxury not afforded to many. (May gratitude be one of the first things I learn to express better!) That said, the greater crime, in my eyes, would be to waste this chance.

A Brief Lead Up:

I am an international school teacher, and because of circumstances I will not go into here, for the first time in a decade my wife Jo and I found ourselves home in Minnesota, for the foreseeable future. Then, before I could even begin to find work here I injured myself digging up a tree. (If some morning you find a small alien attempting to exit your abdomen, go with the laparoscopic hernia surgery- recovery is dreamy!) So, not knowing how the ensuing surgery and recovery would look, rather than start a job I might have had to leave, I elected to use this year as a sabbatical of sorts- A year to find ways to improve myself as a teacher. That’s where it all started.

The Plan: Over the course of the next few months I will use this blog as a place to capture my growth publicly. The way I see it is that if I have to report to the world, then the world will hold me accountable. It will probably be even more motivating when I actually have a follower or two, but I have to admit that just writing it here is terrifying. I’ve been a journal keeper most of my adult life. However, the audience of “me” has never been enough to keep me honest.

I plan on covering different many different aspects of my growth. I suppose some people would have more than one blog for this. I will simply try to label them in such an obvious way that you, the reader, will instantly know content. That way, if reading about my physical failures is less than intriguing to you, but witnessing my professional failures sounds like fun you can skip to it. Stay tuned for the first official post!

5 replies on ““Better, Stronger, Faster””

Love this. It reminds me of when I moved schools in middle school. I remember thinking, “Nobody at that school knows me, I could totally reinvent myself!” In a way, the new environment did more re-inventing than I did but there were some (albeit small) changes. I will do my best, as a friend, to help hold you accountable and I look forward to following your journey here.

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[apologies if you get two comments from me…first one did not seem to go through]. Love this self-reflection my friend. Reminds me of when I switched schools around middle school. I was apparently an older soul as I reflected, just as you are, on how this seemed to be an opportunity to re-invent myself. Not sure how much of who I really am changed but it felt like a great opportunity. I like how you are dealing with mid-lifery in such a healthy way. Keep posting. I need it.

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I have often strived to be better as I age rather than worse. I have desired the same thing as you ‘better in every way’ – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, as a husband, father, sibling, friend, etc. I cannot say I have really ever been successful. Sometimes I have achieved it in some areas and not others. I think at the best I can say I was different – not always – BETTER. I admire your goal and I would love to share in this journey with you. As you know you have been a mentor for me in many areas – especially as a father. I hope I can learn from you again but… if there is ever anything I can do to help please let me know and… if there are nuggets that you are learning and you think – Blair needs this – please share.

Good luck my friend but… I think you are going to be creating your own luck for this.

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