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The Wheels Are Back On!

After way too much time away I’m back at it!

You want excuses?  I’ve got plenty.  Let’s move on.

After a month of recovery from a back strain and limited indoor exercise due to the arctic blast that was February, I finally was able to get back in the garage gym.  I know enough about my body to know that if I had picked up where I left off in January I’d find myself right back on the injury wagon.  So, I decided to do one super light weight cycle through the P90 routines as sort of a lead in.  Then, two weeks ago, my daughter and I hit it again.  

The first week was brutal!  We both agreed it was as if we had never worked out all before this.  I can’t believe how fast it all goes away!  Thankfully, I’m equally amazed by how fast it all comes back!  

Not too shabby!

I should note that there are a couple of workouts that aren’t on here because I forgot my watch in the house(garage not attached!).   I would also add, we were buried in snow on multiple occasions.  If 30 minutes of shoveling doesn’t count as a cardio workout, then we need to discuss what a cardio workout is!

This entry is merely to knock the rust off.  It’s almost four in the afternoon so the idea of hopping on a scale would only be made more depressing by all the delicious food I’ve consumed. I promise a full, detailed, and accurate report late next week.  Stay tuned.

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